March 14th, 2011

New Hampshire data center finalizes IPv6 deployment

SALEM, NH - New Hampshire web hosting firm Dynamic Internet announced that it has completed initial IPv6 rollout and is now assigning IPv6 address space to its clients upon request.

IPv6 represents the new version of the protocol used for data communications on the Internet. It includes a number of improvements including a much larger number of addresses to handle the Internets growth. The number of networks and devices supporting IPv6 is expected to increase at a faster rate since available IPv4 address space was officially exhausted last month at the global level.

Headquartered in Salem, NH, Dynamic Internet (Dyni.net) is a provider of advanced web hosting and data center services, e-mail solutions, managed services, disaster recovery and more. Dynamic Internet provides hosting, outsourcing, and professional services to a variety of industries in the Boston area and nation wide. Located near the Massachusetts border, Dynamic Internet's state-of-the-art data center features a cutting-edge, fully redundant IP and fiber network backbone with Tier-1 connections to the Internet backbone, redundant storage and backups, industrial-grade cooling systems, backup power, and 24x7 availability monitoring and response planning.

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